Let Down Your Hair

(3W, 1M, 1GN)


A modern re-telling of RAPUNZEL through the lens of sex education in America. Click here for the first scene.

A very fun political comedy taking on sex education and the presidential race with sheer hilarity!

From the script:

Irony—and by the way when I say a word that way, irony, I’m about to get all school marmy; it’s a time-honored technique—irony is picking words to make a meaning opposite to their literal meaning. Like, you say “I savor everything Seuss,” but what you mean is “Dr. Seuss blows.”

Dr. Seuss blows what?

Blows, it means…shit. I mean, poop. Don’t repeat that.

I’m supposed to repeat you, you’re my teacher. What is “shit”? Is it a foreign word?